SENSOR+TEST 2020 for Exhibitors

„Every time has been a great opportunity for us to present our latest innovations. “ more Andreas Knop, Vaisala GmbH „This event offers us a good opportunity to provide customer care and to make new contacts amounting to a good third every year.“ more Axel Langheinrich, PCB Synotech GmbH „Many visitors have very specific tasks and requirements in mind while looking for the right overall solution. “ more Frank Ringsdorf, AVIBIA GmbH „The SENSOR+TEST offers us one of the best platforms for technical discussions with our customers. “ more Rainer Ihra, Fischer Connectors GmbH „... the SENSOR+TEST is a must-date in JUMO’s trade-fair calendar.“ more Sabine Häcker, JUMO GmbH & Co. KG „Thus, we’re always on top of technological advances for our customers in automotives, chemicals, electronics, and energy. “ more Dr. Joachim Hilsmann, measX GmbH & Co. KG „Especially for newcomers and startups, there’s no better platform for presenting new ideas and novel concepts to international professionals. “ more Thomas Hahn-Jose, SonoQ GmbH „Such an exchange of ideas often initiates projects for the future for both sides. “ more Jörg Paulus, POSITAL FRABA „... the immediate reaction of the users to product novelties is of great value. This often results in direct impulses for further development.“ more Dr. Winfried Koch, CSM GmbH „... a stage to communicate and learn between engineers and developers. “ more Wenxian Chen, Shanghai LEEG Instruments Co. Ltd. „Thanks to the largely specific requirements, these discussions often lead to a positive outcome for our business development ...“ more Stefan Dietl, Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH „... we welcome the continually increasing international significance of the fair.“ more Martin Endras, KNESTEL Technologie & Elektronik GmbH

Your expert knowledge is required

If your enterprise provides innovative solutions for measuring, testing, and monitoring tasks, the SENSOR+TEST will be exactly the right place to be!

It is a mandatory meeting point for engineers and developers across all industries, where you will meet exactly those potential customers, who need your expert knowledge for the implementation of their innovative tasks - and this dialog will give you valuable ideas for future developments.

Suppliers and users appreciate the short paths at the SENSOR+TEST, its clear structure, and its dense information content. The key to a successful presentation at the fair is not the size of the stand, but the degree of competence, technology, and innovation.

Take advantage of this opportunity for an innovation dialog! We support you in any way to make sure that your enterprise will have an optimal presence at the SENSOR+TEST 2020.

Your Exhibition Centre

Nürnberg - In the center of EuropeNürnberg, the capital of Franconia and a metropolis with a population of 1.5 million, is at the cross-roads of important European communication arteries. Travel to Nürnberg is convenient from the east or west, whether by car, train or plane. Nürnberg is at the centre of a large economic region with internationally renown enterprises. Bustle and contemplation, technical advances and quaint traditions are all part of the charming flair with which Nürnberg greets its guests.
The Nürnberg Exhibition Centre offers an excellent infrastructure and a practical layout: 10,000 parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition halls, an integrated underground station and taxi access ensure quick and convenient arrival.