Visitors Structure

International experts, developers and decision-makers from all industries with measurement, inspection, testing and monitoring requirements use the SENSOR+TEST as their "toolbox" which helps them to source the latest know-how and prepare or make investments.

Visitors of SENSOR+TEST 2023 came from:

Electronics/electrical industry  45%
Machinery and plant construction  16%
Components  11%
Automotive/aerospace engineering    9%
Consulting, service    7%
Medical engineering    1%
Information technology    1%
Other branch  10%

Decision-making authority:

89% of the visitors influence procurement decisions in their company.

Origin of visitors:

Germany 73%
Other countries 27%

If from other countries:

European Union   56%
Rest of Europe  30%
America, Asia, Africa  14%

These figures are from the survey of visitors 2023.

Visitors Structure

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