Parallel Conferences

The SENSOR+TEST trade fair in Nürnberg is the world's leading forum for sensors, measuring and testing technology.

From simple microsensors to complex test rigs, from ready-to-use components to individualised services, the SENSOR+TEST represents the complete competence in measurement technology.

Parallel to the SENSOR+TEST 2021 the following top-class conference will take place:

SMSI 2021 - Sensor and Measurement Science International:
For the first time the new conference SMSI 2021 – Sensor and Measurement Science International will be held as a digital event parallel to the SENSOR+TEST trade fair.
The AMA Conferences will be integrated in the new Sensor and Measurement Science International (SMSI) Conference. Besides the former pillars, SENSOR and IRS2, summarized as “Sensors and Instrumentation,” the new conference will include the additional scientific topics “Measurement Science” and “System of Units and Metrological Infrastructure”.
Further information is available here.