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Sensorix | Sensors made in Germany

Sensorix is an independent German manufacturer and supplier of electrochemical sensors that precisely measure 37 toxic gases such as AsH3, Cl2, ClO2, COCl2, F2, H2, HCN, N2H4, NH3, O3, PH3, TEOS, TBM, THT, H2S und CO. All sensors are developed and manufactured exclusively at the Sensorix facility in Bonn, Germany, and are designed for use in industrial safety applications.

Thanks to our many years of experience and the open-mindedness of our professional team, we work with gas detector manufacturers from all over the world to find effective gas detection solutions that meet their needs and the mechanical specifications of their gas measurement systems.

Sensorix has an established reputation in providing a comprehensive range of reliable gas sensors with superior performance, very high level of quality, and fast lead time. Sensorix has also recently obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management system.

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