AMA Association nominates four teams for the AMA Innovation Award 2021

Feb 25, 2021

Special 'Young Company' Award for 2pi-Labs GmbH from Bochum, Germany

Berlin March, 2021 - In this pandemic year, 29 research and development teams from Germany and abroad applied for the prestigious AMA Innovation Award. The winners receive prize money of 10,000 euros, which the jury can divide.
In the special category 'Young Company', companies that have been on the market for no longer than five years, employ fewer than 50 people and generate annual sales of less than 10 million euros were eligible to apply. The winners of the special award will receive a free booth at SENSOR+TEST 2021, which this year will be held as a digital trade fair. This special award goes to the know-how bearers of 2pi-Labs GmbH for the 2πSENSE - D-band FMCW software defined radar (126-182 GHz) and at the same time remains a contender for the AMA Innovation Award 2021.
Thus nominated for the AMA Innovation Award 2021 are (in alphabetical order):

2πSENSE - D-band FMCW software defined radar (126-182 GHz)
Simon Küppers, Dr. Jan Barowski, Dr. Timo Jaeschke, Prof. Dr. Nils Pohl (2pi-Labs GmbH).
The 2πSENSE technology platform meets the requirements of complex industrial and scientific radar applications with ultra-fast, network analyzer-like broadband frequency response measurements in D-band. The innovative multi-channel millimeter-wave IC and flexible hardware platform with advanced connectivity options, such as OPC-UA, usher in a new era of software-defined radar systems for even the most demanding applications, such as µm-accurate distance measurements, high-resolution thickness measurements (pipe extrusion), radar imaging (NDT), accurate material characterization (process control), and more. (brochure p. 8)

Gas sensing with dielectric excitation
Dr. Radislav A. Potyrailo, Richard St-pierre, Dr. Aghogho Obi, Dr. Baokai Cheng, Dr. Christopher Collazo-Davila, Dr. Brian Scherer, Dr. Hilary Lashley Renison, Dr. Andrew Burns (General Electric Research Center).
They have brought new gas sensing capabilities to conventional semiconducting metal oxide materials (SMOX) with the introduction of our sensor excitation scheme, which provides a up-to-date alternative to traditional resistivity sensing. Our excitation scheme offers linear gas response (R² > 0.99), a dynamic gas concentration range of six decades, high baseline stability, reduced humidity effects, and eliminated ambient temperature effects. We have already launched this product with one of our partners and are working with several other users in consumer, industrial, medical, homeland security and more. (brochure p. 8)

Innovative gas property measurement with breakthrough MEMS µ-sensing
Oleg Grudin (First Sensor Corp.), Andreas Niendorf, PhD Natalie Milahin (First Sensor AG).
The gas property sensor combines a MEMS μ-cavity and thermal flow sensor to measure viscosity, density, heat capacity and thermal conductivity of gases, enabling improved identification and differentiation of gas mixtures and determination of gas concentrations. This improved gas characterization is used to identify gases and gas mixtures to improve the performance of thermal mass flow sensors. This results in significantly more accurate flow measurements and provides cost-effective alternatives to very complex gas analysis for a variety of applications, especially when gas compositions change. (brochure p. 9)

Multi-parameter measurement as a cloud-based sensor for fermentation "InQGuard Brew QWX43"
Dr. Tobias Brengartner, Jan Schleiferböck, Dr. Sergey Lopatin, Andrey Dodonov, Pablo Ottersbach, Julia Rosenheim (Endress + Hauser SE+Co. KG).
Innovative, compact and easy-to-use multi-sensor system that provides the user full transparency at all times. Simultaneous output of density, viscosity, degree of fermentation, extract, alcohol, sugar concentration and other parameters. With the device, brewers can monitor this processes around the clock, logging, documenting and storing the progress. Valuable process evaluations such as the start and end of fermentation are carried out via web interface. The system is based on just two piezo tuning forks and strategically placed temperature sensors and is implemented in a hygienically fully encapsulated metal housing. (Brochure p. 9)
"We are pleased that we were once again able to review many outstanding developments from sensor and measurement technology in this special year," says Professor Andreas Schütze, jury chairman from Saarland University. "The four nominated teams particularly convinced the jury and show an interesting variety of developments and approaches to solutions. Together, they all represent the innovative power of sensor and measurement technology."

The winners of the AMA Innovation Award 2021 will be announced on May 3, 2021, at the opening event of Sensor and Measurement Science International (SMSI 2021). This will be held digitally in parallel with SENSOR+TEST 2021 due to the pandemic.
The overview of all applications for the AMA Innovation Award 2021 at:

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