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Non-contact measurement data transmission in real operation under harsh environments is still a challenge today. The construction of an inductive maintenance-free and endurance-proof telemetry transmission is costly and justified for long-term measurements. But there are also short-term measurement tasks. Here there is a desire for the least amount of assembly.

In order to create a solution for this measurement task profile, MANNER wireless sensor telemetry was developed. The focus was also on designing a wireless telemetry system that masters measurement tasks with increased environmental requirements. In addition to its resistance against interference, it is also resistant to temperature, water and vibration.

As is well known, the battery-powered radio telemetry system is characterised by the simplest handling, as the assembly of pick-up and rotor induction loop is not necessary. In addition, today's lithium-ion batteries have significantly more capacity. This means that the available operating time between charging processes is significantly longer.

In addition, 3D printing technology can be used to produce dimensionally accurate half shells for mounting on the side shafts or cardan shafts in a very short time.
Corresponding 3D basic designs are available from MANNER. These designs can be adapted to the customer's shaft in the shortest possible time by the customer himself or by MANNER.
Printing can be carried out by the customer or by MANNER with a delivery time of less than 3 days.

The measuring amplifier with radio cell for direct connection of strain gauges, thermocouples or other sensors as well as the rechargeable battery are simply inserted. The half shells are then screwed together.
Thus, due to its robustness, the product can be reused quickly and flexibly for different measuring tasks.

To further simplify setup, MANNER combines the wireless telemetry with the new Smart Interface for smartphones and tablets. This makes it easy to check the status of the telemetry and the configuration of the measuring range including the battery status using a smartphone. The complete setup of the measuring amplifier (measuring range, autozero, etc.) is also made via the Smart Interface.

The power-saving technology allows a measurement time of up to 1000 hours for temperature measurement tasks and 32 hours for dynamic measurement tasks without recharging or replacing the battery.

The sensor telemetry can be designed to be waterproof and also oil-resistant. The temperature resistance from -35 to +120°C should also be emphasised.

Another advantage of the telemetry is the possibility to use several systems in parallel and to change the transmission frequencies depending on the place of application (433 MHz standard).
The flexibility of data output and transmission is also worth emphasising. With the MANNER evaluation unit, the signal can be output in any analogue (voltage etc.) or digital signal (CAN, WLAN etc.) format.

Conditioning of the measuring amplifier (zero point and gain setting) is easily possible during operation using the Smart Interface App. In this way, possible test repetitions due to incorrect settings as well as renewed effort can be avoided.

Also available multi-channel with high sampling rates

Flexibly configurable, the system is available in 1/2 channel or also for up to 16 channels. Each channel has its own AD converter and power supply. If a sensor is short-circuited, there is no effect on the remaining measuring channels. This means that even complex rim measuring tasks with up to 16 measuring channels can be mastered.

The measured values are already digitalised at the rotating measuring point, e.g. vehicle wheel with 16 bits, and then transmitted by radio in time multiplex to the particularly compact receivers. Multi-channel signal bandwidths of up to 40 kHz can also be realised. The integrated data backup detects sporadic transmission interferences and completely hides them.

Through additional antenna diversity (several reception channels, selection of the best signal), an extremely high level of transmission reliability can be guaranteed. Faulty measurement data are thus not possible. The incoming signals are "perfect as new".

Dual-use also possible

On request, the new MANNER system is also available as dual-use. Of course, the system can also be inductively powered. On the one hand for short-term measuring tasks using a rechargeable battery, on the other hand for long-term measurements with inductive supply with unlimited runtime.
This means that a short-term measuring point originally operated with a rechargeable battery can also be subsequently converted into a long-term measuring point with inductive supply.

This capability greatly simplifies the service for measurement service providers for logistics and maintenance. The system is compact, lightweight and ideal for air travel. It fits into any service suitcase.

Together with the MANNER software for data acquisition, this provides a laptop-based, compact and cost-effective data recording system with visualisation and evaluation options.

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