Infrared Refrigerant(R32) Sensor Module MH-Z1542B-R32


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MH-Z1542B refrigerant (R32) sensor is a smart infrared type sensor, using non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) principle to detect the existence of refrigerant, with good selectivity and non-oxygen dependent. It is developed by the tight integration of mature infrared absorbing gas detection technology, precision optical
circuit design and superior circuit design. It is a compact high performance sensor made by combining mature infrared gas detection technology with micro machining and sophisticated circuit design. It is easy to use and can be directly to replace the catalytic type sensor.
Main Features
*High sensitivity, high resolution, fast response
*UART output
*Temperate compensation, excellent linear output, good stability, long lifespan
*Anti-water vapor interference, anti-poisoning, direct replacement for catalytic sensors
Main applications
*HVAC *Industrial process and safety monitoring

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