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Established in 2003 and originated in 1990s, Zhengzhou Winsen Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with integrated business of R&D, production, sales and solutions of sensing products, covering an area of 30000 m2.

In 2009, Winsen Electronics was listed in Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) with comprehensive strength ranking top in Chinese sensor industry. After more than 30 years development, Winsen has become a leader in Chinese gas sensor field and also grown to be one of the top sensor companies in global wide.

Winsen’s sensor products cover total 7 categories and 200+ series capable to detect 300+ indicators, including gas sensor based on four principles of semiconductor, catalytic, electrochemical and infrared absorption, infrared detection sensor, pressure sensor, humidity sensor, flow sensor and water sensor, etc. The products are widely used in industrial safety, civil fire prevention, environmental protection, household appliances, automotive electronics, medical health, and smart city, etc. Moreover, Winsen proceeds to make continuous innovation in new application directions.

7 Categories / 200+ Categories / 300+ Detection Indicators

Winsen owns strong strength in R&D: excellent R&D team of more than 100 talents and professionals; more than 500 sets of equipment and devices for production and R&D. Our R&D achievements have been approved by Henan Provincial Science and Technology, and kept synchronous with international advanced level. At present, Winsen has more than 100 patents, more than 10 software copyrights, lead or participated in the formulation of 14 national and industrial standards.

100+ Patents / 500+ Equipment / N+ Application Occasions

The company has been certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and IATF16949 systems to regulate its management and our products are certififed with ROHS, CE and UL to meet different customers demand.

Winsen takes it a mission to ”create value for customers, and create win-win future with customers”. Inspired by pioneering and innovative spirit, Winsen will be dedicated to promoting healthy development of sensing and IoT industries, and using advanced technology to build a safe, green, healthy, and intelligent environment for production and living.

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Produkt-Neuheit DE EN Datum
Flacher Halbleiter-Kältemittelsensor ZP201 12.06.2023
Infrarot-Kältemittel-Sensormodul (R32) MH-Z1542B-R32 12.06.2023
NDIR-Infrarot-Kältemittelgassensor MH-441D-454B 12.06.2023
Kältemittelerkennungs-Gassensor MP510C 12.06.2023
Kältemittelgas-Detektionsmodul ZP211 12.06.2023
Infrarot-Kältemittelsensormodul ZRT510-R454B 12.06.2023
ZS11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module, MEMS Technolog, Small Size and Weight Excellent Integration 21.02.2023
ZM01 MEMS VOC Gas Sensor Module, Micro Size Great Integration for Residential Air Quality Environmental Monitoring Portable Device Health care 21.02.2023
GM-602B MEMS H2S Gas Sensor, High Sensitivity to H2S hydrogen sulfide, Used for Portable and Fixed type Monitor Detector 21.02.2023
GM-502B MEMS VOC Gas Sensor,MEMS technology, good shock resistance, small sizes and low power consumption 21.02.2023
Industrial Use NDIR Infrared MH-410D,MH-711A,MH-712B CO2 Sensor Carbon Dioxide Concentration, Protection Class IP54 /IP65 Fast Response 16.02.2023
MH-V1311A NDIR CO2 Sensor Module, Real Low Consumption Work current 150uA Vehicles HVAC system IAQ Recommend! 16.02.2023
MH-V1512A NDIR CO2 Module, Low power consumption, Automotive air conditioning system Recommend! 15.02.2023
MH-Z16 NDIR Infrared CO2 Module with Long Life, Teaching and Educational Instruments Recommend 15.02.2023
MH-Z14B NDIR Infrared CO2 Module, Dual-Channel Design for High Precision, Agriculture Greenhouse Farm Recommend! 15.02.2023
IAQ Smart home Air quality HVAC Use CO2 Carbon Dioxide Sensors, NDIR Infrared Improved Accuracy 15.02.2023

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