Vibration meters from RION: high quality, reliable and cheaper than you think


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Vibration meters or vibrometers are used to measure mechanical vibrations
and acoustics can be measured. Both vibration frequencies and vibration amplitudes can be
can be recorded.
The mobile versions of the instruments make vibration analysers ideal for applications such as diagnostics, maintenance and inspection, for example in research, development and production. Fast on-site measurements are no longer a problem.

Among our three most popular vibration meters from our Japanese partner, the sound and vibration measurement professional RION (develops not only the sensors but also the hardware and software itself), are the VA-12, VM-82A and the VM-56 tri-axial ground vibration analyser.

The VA-12 Portable Vibration Analyser allows for on-site equipment diagnostics and measurements. This vibration meter has a 240x320 pixel colour display and can also be used for single channel FFT analysis (features: 3,200 spectral lines, 20 kHz real-time analysis frequency and envelope processing).
Features include simultaneous measurement of acceleration, velocity, displacement and acceleration crest factor, and storage of waveform data on an SD card for later post-processing and analysis.
Optional analysis software is available.

The VM-82A general purpose vibration meter is designed primarily for maintenance and inspection of rotating industrial machinery, with particular emphasis on rotating machinery. It has 3 measurement modes: acceleration, velocity and displacement, and an internal memory for up to 1,000 data points. It also has a USB port that allows the transfer of stored data during continuous operation for up to 24 hours on a single set of batteries.

Both the VM-82A and VA-12 can be used with any IEPE accelerometer, not just the one supplied.

The very compact VM-63C vibration meter is mainly designed for maintenance and inspection of industrial machines, especially rotary machines.

The VM-56 Triaxial Ground Vibration Meter provides simultaneous calculation of PPV/VDV (Particle Peak Velocity/Vibration Dose Value), dominant frequency and displacement. It is suitable for a wide range of applications including supervised measurements, stand-alone surveys and live-to-web monitoring. Applicable standards include DIN 4150-2: 1999-06 and DIN 4150-3: 2016-12. In addition, the measurement quantities required by DIN 45669-1 and ISO 8041 can be measured simultaneously.

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