Precise Level Measurement for Industry and Process Technology


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Precise Level Measurement for Industry and Process Technology – CorTEC® Level Switch from EBE

Leinfelden-Echterdingen, 09 May 2023 – EBE sensors + motion presents a new generation of the CorTEC® sensor technology that drives the possibilities of industrial level measurement even further. The sensor system is capable of measuring fill levels also in case of viscous media or slightest dielectric constants. Even media that are difficult to recognize, such as foam, can be detected or masked out by the sensor where required. The new sensor is particularly suitable for industrial and process technology applications, especially in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The new level switches allow for precise level measurement with a great variety of media. Thanks to special algorithms, the sensor system is capable of particularly precise measurements of a wide range of substances, including powders and other solids, oils, conductive liquids, cleaning agents, and even highly viscous media such as honey or pastes. Media with minimum dielectric constants (εr < 2) can also be reliably detected by the EBE CorTEC® sensors. Even if the sensor is completely coated by the substance, it is capable of detecting the fill level. In this process, the level switch can recognize and if
necessary mask out media that are difficult to detect such as foam. This allows for constantly precise and reliable measuring even under most difficult conditions.

Possibilities of Adjustment to Individual Applications

Due to the compact design of the PCB, the sensor can be used for a wide range of requirements to the housing of the EM. It is also possible to adapt the sensor system to very small installation spaces. Depending on the customer requirements, the software can be individually adapted to diverse output signals such as IO-Link, Bluetooth, UART, or PWM. If necessary, it is possible to integrate a great number of supporting functions in order to realize autocalibration, temperature compensation, or individual switching points. This allows for adapting the sensor to almost any user requirements.

Wide Field of Applications in Industry and Process Technology

The new sensors are particularly suitable for industrial and process technology applications, especially in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Here, precise level measurement is indispensable for meeting standards and reliable production. The sensor system can be used in different applications, e.g. for the monitoring of tanks and containers, in dosing systems, or with the filling of liquids. In these applications, the sensors ensure precise and reliable level measurement even with difficult media and conditions. Thus, EBE CorTEC® level switches contribute to higher quality and safety in production and allow for a more efficient utilization of the resources applied.

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