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SEN-3D-CAM is the World's First True 3D Magnetic Field Camera with the smallest field sensitive volume and 128 x 128 3D Hall sensors. It simultaneously measures all three magnetic field components (Bx, By, Bz) using Senis proprietary 3D Hall technology. The camera provides comprehensive and accurate pictures of magnetic fields in three dimensions.

With a spatial resolution of 100 µm and a tiny measurement volume of 27µm x 9µm x 4µm in each pixel, SEN-3D-CAM offers unprecedented precision in magnetic field measurement. This is particularly important if you need to measure complex fields with high field gradients. With 16,000 pixels, SEN-3DCAM can acquire a full magnetic image within just 1 second, making it ideal for both inline and offline inspection of magnetic systems.

The direct output of SEN-3D-CAM is in 2D images, with all three field components accurately calibrated. These calibrated images are streamed through a USB-C connection, providing real-time data for analysis and visualization. In addition, the optional Senis 2D Vision Commander Software is available for more sophisticated magnetic image analysis, allowing for advanced magnetic data processing and interpretation.

Experience the future of magnetic field measurement with SEN-3D-CAM, the world's first true 3D magnetic field camera. With its unmatched precision, high acquisition rate, and advanced software options, SEN-3D-CAM is the ultimate tool for magnetic field analysis in research, industry, and beyond. Stay ahead of the curve and unlock new possibilities with SEN-3D-CAM today.

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