H2 Hydrogen & Air Quality Gas Sensors with Solid Polymer Electrochemical Technology


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• Small size
• Fast response
• Air Quality ppb level measurement
• Hydrogen measurement from 1000ppm to 4% vol.
• No power consumption
• Long lifetime
EC Sense offers a variety of sensors for hydrogen applications. As hydrogen is an important new energy, gas sensors are essential for the use of hydrogen as such. Together with the Solid Polymer Electrochemical Technology, EC Sense’s three product lines, Gas Sensors, Sensor Modules and Sensor Devices, provide the perfect solution for leak detection in hydrogen plants, supply points, fuel cells and hydrogen vehicles.
In addition, EC Sense offers Air Quality Gas Sensors which measure a wide range of indoor and outdoor air quality gases (e.g., VOC, NO2, SO2, O2, CO, O3) and are perfect for indoor air quality monitoring, air purification systems, temperature & humidity monitoring, HVAC systems, smart homes, and more. The Air Quality Sensors also have a wide detection range from 0 to 1000ppb, ensuring health and safety in air quality applications.
At the heart of all EC Sense Gas Sensors is a Solid Polymer Electrochemical Gas Sensor, a revolutionary innovation in the field of electrochemical detection. This printable technology guarantees continuous quality management while still allowing large quantities to be manufactured in German production.

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