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MPM280Au Hydrogen Pressure Sensor is a measuring element specially developed for hydrogen measurement applications. The transducer has a flat membrane structure as a whole and adopts gold plating techniques on the membrane, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of "hydrogen embrittlement" and "hydrogen permeation" in the application of hydrogen measurement while ensuring site safety, it also greatly improves the working life of the sensor.
MPM280Au selects the high-precision and high-stability piezoresistive pressure sensing chip. The pressure sensing components are automatically tested by computer, and resistance is provided for zero correction and temperature compensation. With a stable and reliable performance, it can be widely used in various occasions for hydrogen pressure measurement.

• Pressure range: -1bar…0bar ~ 0.35bar…200bar
• Gauge / sealed gauge / absolute
• Isolated structure, Suitable for hydrogen pressure measurement
• Φ19mm OEM pressure element
• Corrugated diaphragm with gold plated

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