Reliable Level Sensors for a Variety of Media in the Industry


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A newly developed sensor platform from EBE sensors + motion offers compact level sensors for the contactless measuring of filling levels. The sensors are suitable for devices with small installation space such as measuring and laboratory devices in medical engineering. The EBE sensor test kit now allows to measure the performance of the sensor with the respective application at the customer site.

EBE level sensors enable the contactless detection and measurement of a variety of media. The current sensor generation based on the capaTEC technology has set new standards here. The continuous level sensors allow for the contactless measurement of various media such as liquids, granulates and pulverized materials across a measuring range of up to 100 mm. They are highly precise and almost insensitive to all disruptive factors from outside.

Great Performance with Small Installation Space

When it comes to the design of new devices and systems, the installation space available often restricts the selection of sensors. In the area of medical engineering as well as in measuring and laboratory devices, the space available is often quite limted so that conventional sensors cannot be installed. The capaTEC sensors from EBE can be integrated into a circuit board so that they can be used in almost any device. In this case, the sensor is attached outside the tank. With wall thicknesses of up to 8 mm, the medium inside the tank can be reliably detected; even an air gap between the tank and the sensor does not pose any problems.

Testing Option of the Sensor in the Final Application

If the use of a touchless sensor is considered, it is essential to know, however, if and how precisely the sensor detects the medium present. With a newly designed sensor test kit, EBE sensors + motion offers a complete package including sensors, software and electronics to test the application under the ambient conditions of the final application. The test kit is easy to install and can be put into operation directly on site. This offers the opportunity for designers to directly prove the performance of the level sensor and to offer a quick, reliable and cost-efficient sensor solution for the further development of the project.

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