Flow Visualisation System Optimises Testing for Improved Performance


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The streamwise ProCAP 3D is a software based tool used in aerodynamics to visualize the flow field of air over an object in real-time. By using computer simulation and graphics, ProCAP 3D allows aerodynamicists to visualize the flow patterns and identify areas where the flow is turbulent, separated, or otherwise not optimal. This information can then be used to make changes to the object's design, improving its aerodynamic performance. By using ProCAP 3D, aerodynamicists can save time and resources by optimising the need for physical wind tunnel testing, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Instead, they can make changes to the virtual model in real-time, allowing for faster iteration and development.
ProCAP 3D can be used in a variety of applications where engineers need to visualize fluid flow, not just in wind tunnels. It has been used in cable cars to analyse the airflow around the cables and cars, as well as in air conditioning systems to optimize the flow of air through ducts.
The versatility of the software makes it a valuable tool for engineers working in various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, HVAC, and more. By providing a clear and detailed visual representation of fluid flow, ProCAP 3D can help engineers to optimise designs, improve performance, and reduce the time and resources needed for physical testing. The software can also be used to analyse different operating conditions, such as changes in airspeed, temperature, and other factors, allowing engineers to gain a deeper understanding of the flow characteristics and make informed decisions about their designs.

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