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Predicto is an easy-to-use IIoT platform for industrial maintenance teams that combines Operational Technology with Information Technology. The sensor data generated in production plants can be easily read and processed – serving as a basis for sustainable business decisions.

Predicto gives you insights into the condition of your assets such as motors, pumps, conveyors and pipes. We cover every aspect of predictive maintenance, from data generation to forecasting.

Your benefits with Predicto:

- Reduce Asset Downtime:
Our customers reduce their unplanned factory downtimes by more than 50% with real-time KPI's and fault predictions based on Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning.

- Increase Sustainability:
Our customers increase their asset lifespan and optimize their energy consumption with increased OEE, which leads to more sustainable factory conditions.

- Decrease Maintenance Cost:
Our customers reduce maintenance costs and increase factory yield by detecting and preventing production line failures in advance with optimized operational processes.

Identify and prevent potential malfunctions in your production line by collecting and analyzing real-time data easily through
PLC, SCADA, and iCOMOX devices.

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