MTMS - Mobile Inclination Monitoring System


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The inclination monitoring system consists of a measuring unit in a rugged aluminum housing and a large remote LED display, which can be viewed from a distance of up to 20m. It is designed for the industrial acquisition and display of quasi-static changes in the inclination angle of a monitored measurement object.

The system is able to measure the inclination angle with a MEMS precision sensor in a measuring range of +/-10° in relation to the horizontal. In addition, the inclinataion angle can be monitored and visualized on the remote LED display.

The current measured value is displayed numerically as well as in the form of a color graded bargraph. The zero position of the object can be determined and stored in a secured operating menu.

The user can program 2 limit value switching points and connect them externally via one voltage free switching contact each. The switching points and switching states are also shown on the LED display. Furthermore, the LED display has an automatic brightness control depending on the surrounding light of the environment.

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