Innovative akustische Messmethoden zur zerstörungsfreien Prüfung


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Our exhibits this year are dedicated to metrological challenges that optical sensor technology cannot solve. These include the non-contact measurement of moving ropes and the spatially resolved measurement of defects in/on large-area components. Our model 1 is a so-called EMAT (Electro-Magneto-Acoustic-Transducer) module for the excitation and detection of guided acoustic waves on ropes. The EMATs are designed in such a way that there is an air gap between the sensor and the rope, so that ropes can be measured without contact, even during operation, and damage such as severed strands or deformations can be detected with spatial resolution. Application areas are the monitoring of elevators, ropeways. cranes etc.
Our model 2 is an ring-shaped ultrasonic sensor array for monitoring large flat components (plates etc.) and consists of a ring-shaped array of ultrasonic transducers. The array can be used to detect cracks, inclusions or delamination and was developed by for monitoring ship hull coatings.

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