New Multichannel Vibration Analyzer VM100


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The German company Metra, manufacturer of vibration sensors and instruments for more than 60 years, introduces the compact yet powerful vibration analyzer VM100. The instrument is available in versions with 3 or 9 inputs for IEPE sensors and a tachometer input. It measures and records vibration in time and frequency domain.
Applications include machine condition monitoring, balancing, roller bearing envelope analysis, resonance finding, modal analysis, hand-arm or whole-body human vibration and extremely sensitive vibration measurements with regard to “VC” and “Nano” criteria. The VM100 is the first dedicated instrument for nine-channel automotive ride comfort measurements to GB/T 4970-2009 using three triaxial accelerometers. The unit is operated via a bright seven-inch touchscreen. Special attention was paid to the user interface. Unlike other instruments of this kind the VM100 can be operated intuitively without extensive training. Using the VM100 with sensors having an electronic data sheet (TEDS) makes it even easier.
Measurements are recorded on SD card in CSV format which allows the use of standard text or spreadsheet PC software for processing, reporting and archiving. Raw data can be stored as WAVE file and screenshots are exported as bitmap files. A USB type C interface is provided for data transfer and charging. The accumulator lasts for 8 to 10 hours of operation. Its IP64 grade case enables outdoor operation.
Metra is your one-stop source for a wide range of vibration sensors, instruments and calibration solutions – Made in Germany.

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