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As a long-standing expert and inventor of inductive sensor telemetry, MANNER has developed the OptiMA evaluation unit as a convenient solution for permanent measuring operation. MANNER OptiMA, together with the new generation of sensor signal amplifiers and their automatic antenna matching function, offers a maintenance-free plug & play measuring system for physical quantities such as torque, temperatures and vibrations on rotating parts.

The system differs from ALL previous market systems by the enormous reach of the system of 40 to 50 mm distance to the rotating measuring sensor.

The system works with all single-channel and dual-channel measuring amplifier models from MANNER in the range from 0.1 to 10 kHz and thus also supports very dynamic measurements. The antenna configuration is as usual very flexible.
In addition to the wound antenna with minimum installation height, both an end-of-shaft version with integrated sensor signal amplifier and a ring antenna with integrated sensor signal amplifier can be applied for reuse. Both radial and end-of-shaft tapping are possible without any problems.

The system's supply voltage of 10-30V also offers enormous flexibility in use, e.g. in vehicle operation. In addition to the usual 0-10V voltage output, a current output (4...20 mA) is also available.

The system can be used directly and, if necessary, can still be configured accordingly (sensor name; sample rate; information deposit; etc.) and calibrated (zero point and gain settings) by the MANNER software "Telemetry Interface".

The inductively supplied measuring technology - sensor and measuring amplifier - automatically adjust themselves optimally to the system environment with every start. This means that the transmission path is re-optimised with every start and ensures robust transmission. All inductive MANNER systems, like OptiMA, work without batteries or accumulators and are absolutely maintenance-free. Annoying and heavy batteries, as well as the resulting imbalance problems and their replacement, are not necessary.

This makes the rotor assembly a lightweight.

Are you looking for a compact, robust and, above all, reliable system in the harshest of environments for the precise acquisition of measurement signals that meets the high demands of the real environment outside the test laboratory? It should also be energy-autonomous and require no preparation time or specialist training?

Then take a look at our web shop because MANNER OptiMA offers you the ideal solution!

If you have any questions or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by phone +49 7424 9329-0.

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