KSI84D - New sensor type for vibration displacement measurement 4-20 mA loop output


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The innovative MMF KSI84 vibration sensors offer a variety of possible use in the field of vibration measurement and monitoring. Thanks to the integrated microcontroller, over 200 different sensor variants with 4-20 mA loop output can be provided at our factory. As a result, the KSI84 can be used in an extremely variable manner. The sensor guarantees an excellent and cost effectively integration into customer applications.

In addition to the vibration quantities acceleration or velocity, the vibration displacement is now also available for selection.
Numerous measuring ranges, characteristic values, high-pass and low-pass filters can be determined for all sensor variants.

The high-quality housing is completely insulated, waterproof according to IP68 and offers high EMC protection.

The KSI84 combine a rugged design with high measuring accuracy at extreme variability.

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