MARS (Metirionic Advanced Ranging Stack)


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MARS is a customized stack enabling an End-to-End fully modular middleware.

Given its modular architecture, the customer selects only those SW modules that are needed to the final application (point-to-point, Bluetooth ranging, UWB, point-to-multipoint tracking …) whose parameters are adjusted fine tune to better fit the technical requirements (fully configurable). Further advantages include:

• Chipset agnostic.
• Tailored integration with any protocol network layer (compliant with given latency, limited data transferring time, …).
• Clever structuring layers, running on Embedded and/or Cloud, tailored to the HW System capabilities.
• Optimized KPIs customized to the end-application.
• Highest Safety standards in complex environments.
• Accuracy and/or ranging improvement.
• Reduce infrastructure and Facilitate scalability.

MARS follows the phase-based Channel Sounding approach to provide accurate measuring of distance and angles for RTLS solutions. Metirionic enables MARS through a license-based model and get it customized to the End Application with Engineering Services.

Metirionic technology enables wireless ranging (distance and angle) with reliability, highest speed and covering the maximum range. It fits the niche of Real Time Locating Systems in every critical application. Therefore, Industrial Safety applications and Find and Rescue applications find in Metirionic the best partner to enable reliable location.

MARS ensures the fastest target detection and maximum range: Find and Rescue applications
Mountain rescue, Ground search and rescue, Urban search and rescue in cities, Combat search and rescue on the battlefield, Search and rescue in remote maritime locations, air-sea rescue over water.

MARS ensures safety in the work environment: Industrial safety applications
Locate people in critical infrastructures, Asset tracking indoors and outdoors, Safety instruments or processes tracking, Virtual fencing in manufacturing, Collision avoidance mechanisms.

Metirionic combines 10 years of experience accelerating time-to-market of RTLS. Our highest expertise is focused on RTLS based on IEEE, Bluetooth, UWB, CWFM RADAR. These can be integrated into communication stacks like Bluetooth, WirelessHART, IP500, ZigBee or 6lowPAN.

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