ESEN-MESN Multipurpose Environmental Sensing Nodes


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ES Systems has developed an environmental sensing board system featuring multiple sensors for environmental monitoring that can be utilized in a variety of applications and industries.

The ESEN-MESN system integrates pressure, humidity, temperature, TVOC, CO, NO2, CO2 sensors that can be integrated in custom tailored boards that fit each end user’s tailored defined mechanical specifications.

ESEN-MESN supports both wired and wireless communication enabling optimal connectivity capabilities. The wireless capability enables installation in remote locations with minimal installation cost. ESEN-MESN supports various wireless communication protocols making it easy to integrate in any network infrastructure.

Supply Voltage : 3.3V, 24V
Communication Interface : I2C, RS-485 (MODBUS-RTU) <WiFi, BLE
Range : 0-4barg
Total Error : ± 1%FS
Compensating Temperature : 0C … 60C
Range : 0-100% RH
Accuracy : ± 2% RH
Range : -40C … 125C
Accuracy : ±0.2C
VOC Range : 0 … 60000ppb
Sensitive to : Acetone, Butylacetate, Cyclohexan, Ethanol,
Formaldehyde, Hydrogen, Toluene, Acetone,
Butylacetate, Cyclohexan, Ethanol,
Formaldehyde, Hydrogen, Toluene
CO Range : 0 … 1000ppm
No2 Range : 0.05 … 10ppm
CO2 Range : 0 … 2000ppm
Resolution : 1ppm
Accuracy : ±50ppm +3%m.v.

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