Cutting & straightening machine - Designed for dry cutting and straightening of MI cable


Within the world of mineral insulated (MI) sensors, there are a few machines on the market that could replace the manual work in the production of sensors. The tools that are available are not fully automatic, since an operator still has to operate the machines by hand. Moreover, the machines that are available are often designed to replace 1 production step rather than multiple.

The C&S machine is the first machine that combines multiple steps at once in the automatization of MI sensor production. The machine has the ability to straighten & cut pieces of MI cable with extreme tight length tolerances. Ideal for serial production. The machine is easy to operate by means of an LCD touch screen.

The C&S machine has the following specifications;
- Cutting and straighten mainstream user MI cable diameters
The C&S machine can straighten and cut MI cables with diameters from 1.0 mm to 8.0 mm.
- Rotary straightener
The machine has a rotary straightener that ensures optimal straightness of rigid material, such as MI cable. The rolls inside of the straightener grip the tube and rotate it while feeding it through the machine until the entire length has been straightened.
- Feeding system
The feeding system is through a rubber timing belt. The coating on the rubber timing belt have a constant high friction on the feeding system and is resistant to wear. This results in a broad mechanical operation, excellent for feeding rigid MI cable though the machine.
- Vacuum compartment
In order to ensure lifetime and safe operation of the machine, sparks and dust that is released during the grinding process is collected in a special filtered compartment. The sparks and dust is extracted from the machine by means of a vacuum compartment.
- Touch screen and software
The software is custom made and machine operation goes through a user friendly user interface on the LCD touch-screen.
- Certification
The C&S machine is CE certified. With the CE marking of the machine and the declaration of conformity, we declare that the machine meets the minimum European safety requirements.
- Power voltage
The machine works at a 230V-50Hz single phase motor.
- Receptacle (optional)
On the right side of the machine, an adjustable receptacle can be placed where parts are collected after operation.
- Spool holder (optional)
A spool holder is another complementary feature for the C&S machine. It can be adjusted for two spool diameters; 600 mm and 900 mm.

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