Robust and reliable sensors for (updraft) wind power plants!


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In order to counteract climate change, alternative energies in particular, such as wind power, are becoming increasingly important.
Special, particularly robust and reliable sensors are needed for (updraft) wind turbine power plants due to high stress levels. The sensors must withstand extreme shock and vibration, rain, lightning, contamination and often saline atmosphere. Last but not least, these should ensure a long service life for the systems, cover the lowest possible frequencies and also be inexpensive.
A large number of sensors are required, for example, to determine optimal rotational angles and rotational speeds to enable an efficient wind yield.

The partners of the disynet GmbH are global designers and manufacturers of sensors and sensor-based systems, providing support to wind engineers in both the development and operation of wind turbines.
This expertise results in a wide range of sensing technologies which are available to manufacturers, system integrators, wind farm operators, R&D labs and universities.

This includes vibration sensors for gear box monitoring, blade monitoring, turbine shroud, tower leveling, tower sway as well as for detecting of seismic motion.
We also offer tilt sensors for tower installation and pressure sensors for pressure measurement in oil, hydraulics, filters and gears as well as miniature pressure sensors for monitoring the rotor blades.
Our pore-water pressure sensors are used to monitor the anchorage of the tower fundament in the ocean bed.
In addition, our LVDTs also facilitate emergency prop feathering and shutdown.
Our sensors are also used for monitoring electric motors, bearings, generators, transformer windings, stator coils etc.
Sensors for condition and liquid level monitoring complete the program.

As our customers have to rely on the sensors every day, we place the highest emphasis on quality in terms of design standards, process control and customer feedback/integration.
Nearly all sensors could be shipped with industry-standard warranties and extended warranties when required. These include - depending on the type of sensor - AS/EN 9100, ATEX, ATEX 949EC, CE-MDD, CMDR – Health Canada, EN 13980, ESA 266, ESCC 266E, ESCC 400C, FDA, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, MID, Measuring Instruments Directive 2004/22/EC annex D, NASA Qualified, NSF-61 Water Quality, PART21G and TS 16949.

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