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With their new Partner RION, disynet is expanding it's porfolio on vibration meteres to cover the mid-priced region of these devices.
Both the VM-82A and the VA-12 can be used with any vibration sensor, not just the one provided with the device.

The VM-82A is mainly used for maintenance and inspection of rotating machines equipped with a LCD-display for acceleration, velocity and displacement measurements, and a USB-Port which allows transfer of saved data and up to 24 hours of continuous operation on one set of batteries.

The VA-12 has a 240x320 pixel colour display and can also be used for one channel FFT-Analysis, and includes envelope processing and an SD-Card slot. It is provided with a software for detailed waveform analysis.

The classic CoCo80x and the cost-effective VM220 are of course still available:

The CoCo80x has a high resolution 800x480 pixel display and is optimal when multichannel recording (2-8) and complex analysis such as cross-correlation is required, for example for Impuls Hammer-Response analysis or oder tracking with a tachometer input. With sample rates up to 102.4 kHz and 150 dB of alias-free data, CAN-Bus and WiFi interfaces and a configurable signal analysis software for dynamic signal analysis, it is extremely versatile.

The VM220 is the perfect choice if cost is an issue. Priced around 1000 EUR, it includes low pass filters (1kHz, 5kHz, 10kHz) and a band-pass filter 1-10kHz and a visual indication of machine status (unacceptable, unsatisfactory, satisfactory, good)

But these are just a few examples. disynet offers a wide range of sensors and instrumentation that can be found on their website and a compendium with background knowledge on everything related to measurement:

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