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disynet GmbH is proud to have RION CO, LTD, a Japan-based company, as a new partner.
Rion's vision is to become the market leader in maintaining safety for all by providing sound and vibration equipment.

Rion is constantly trying to explore new technologies in addition to proven ones that have serve to improve people's lives, industries and societies and contributing in promoting social welfare. It is proud of its role in providing safe and comfortable living and technological innovation.

Rion's sound and vibration measurement equipment is already used by many government agencies and industries to protect the environment and quality. For example, it has developed an Aircraft Noise Monitoring System to protect environments around airports that not only has a noise monitoring function but also the ability to detect the direction of flight. In addition, Rion offers a wide range of products in various fields ranging from hearing aids through audiometers to particle counters that are used to monitor the cleanliness semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and precision equipment.

Rion's vision is to become the worldwide market leader in maintaining safety for all by providing sound and vibration equipment and technologies.

disynet focuses on the RION products presented below:

With the VA-12 portable vibration analyzer, equipment diagnostics and on-site measurements are possible. This vibration meter has an FFT analysis function. It allows simultaneous measurement of acceleration, velocity, displacement and acceleration crest factor, among others, and saves waveform data to SD card for post-processing / analysis.

The general-purpose VM-82A vibration meter is designed primarily for industrial machinery maintenance and inspection, with special emphasis on rotating machinery. It has 3 measurement modes: acceleration, velocity and displacement, as well as an internal memory for up to 1,000 data.

The VM-56 triaxial ground vibration meter enables simultaneous calculation of PPV/ VDV (Peak Particle Velocity/Vibration Dose Value), dominant frequency and displacement. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including supervised measurements, unattended surveys, and live-to-web monitoring. Applicable standards: DIN 4150-2: 1999-06 and DIN 4150-3: 2016-12.

The handheld, battery-driven shaker and calibrator RION VE-10 is the choice worldwide for quick tests of accelerometers for loads up to 70 grams. Calibrations of acceleration, velocity and displacement are possible. Up to 600 operations are possible with a single battery charge in autostop-mode.

The extremely user-friendly NL-42, NL-52 and NL-62 (NL-62 is used to measure low frequencies from 1 to 20 000 Hz) mobile sound level meters provide comprehensive support for the measurement process. Uninterrupted detailed measurements for a month are possible with this. In addition, a number of options are available. PTB type approval NL-52 and NC-75.

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