disynet presents two palm-sized USB-powered DAQ-devices at an unbeatable price!


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The very compact, USB-powered microUniDAQ devices have been designed for mobile use, where measurement tasks can be completed quickly, intuitively and easily, according to the slogan "SENSOR TO USB".

Each microUniDAQ devices provides four input channels, 24 bit resolution, a simultaneous sampling rate of up to 32 kS/s or 128 kS/s for the microUniDAQ-BR (wheatstone bridge) and microUniDAQ-IEPE versions respectively and a built in SD card for autonomous use without a PC. Thanks to high-quality isolation, the devices work absolutely interference-free and with low noise – specifications one would not expect from a device priced under 2000 EUR.

Moreover, with the software supplied free of charge, a driver for the easy-to-use DASYLab software platform and an API for Python, measurement tasks can be implemented easily in the shortest possible time.

As up to four microUniDAQ -BR and microUniDAQ -IEPE can be operated synchronously, not only all strain-gauge based sensors like force, pressure and accelerometers, but also all IEPE sensors like vibration sensors, dynamic force and pressure sensors, impulse hammers and most sensors with voltage or current output are supported.

They are therefore suitable for test laboratories that want to perform very different physical experiments or develop new devices; Test facilities and research institutes that have high quality expectations but not the budget. Especially for start-ups, the microUniDAQ devices, offer an excellent entry but need not fear comparison with in terms of quality with much more extensive and expensive measurement systems.

Application areas such as control engineering, process optimization, condition monitoring, operational safety, drive engineering, structural dynamics, material fatigue, comfort measurements, modernization or also vibration and modal analysis acoustics, NVH, HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing), HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screen), HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring Systems) are covered with these devices.

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