disynet presents the world's smallest and lightest MEMS 6-Axis force/torque sensor


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The world‘s smallest 6-axis force sensors utilizes MEMS technology on a high performance flexural metal structure to provide force and torque output for all three axes. The monlithic strain gage MEMS-die is etched using a specific process to provide a highly sensitive force and torque sensor chip and ensures low drift during installation and use.

The ultraminature 6-axis force/torque sensor measures just Ø 9,6mm x 9,0 mm and is therfore ideal for use within humanoid robot joints, as an example. With 3-axis of force and 3-axis of torque the sensor simulates human sensing in robots. An ADC with temperature compensation using analog Front End ICs on a flexible PCB is included.

The sensor has a range of 4 N force and 0.4 Nm torque and features an excellent resolution of 0.1N and 0.001 Nm for force and torque respectively. The sensor has a digital SPI and I2C interface. The output and sensor control are via a 1-sensor-port USB or 5-sensor-port Ethernet output.

An evaluation kit including the sensor, MCU board & application software is available to help get started. Accessories include mounting adapters and various cables.

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