Non-contact torque sensors – long-term wear-free – an asset not just in robotics


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Sensors give industrial robots a sense of touch, therby enabling them to recognise their environment. These intelligent robots, which - due to these sensors - do not need fences or protective barriers, and can thus interact with humans directly, are called "cobots".

Our non-contact, magnetostrictive (PCME), torque sensors open up completely new possibilities here:

In a patented process, a shaft is magnetised with a long-term stable magnetic field pattern. In contrast to systems with strain gauges, the magnetisation takes place without changing the mechanical properties of the shaft. Further intervention in the original design of the shaft is therefore not necessary with this solution - it remains light and compact.

The transmission takes place by scanning the magnetised shaft. A freely configurable mini-sensor detects the changes in the magnetic field pattern without contact, even several millimetres away from the shaft, and evaluates them as.

The magnetic field generated by the magnetisation is not only insensitive to external influences such as vibrations and high rotational speeds and temperatures, but also to external magnetic fields, thanks to a sophisticated design of the transmitter and receiver.

The existing shaft can also be magnetised within robot joints. Using this procedure, even thin hollow shafts with internal power-carrying cables can be magnetised to form primary sensors. This makes it possible to run supply lines for the gripper's drive motor inside the axis. The robot is freed from cable restraints and can move much more easily.

These torque sensors can thus be used - not only in robotics - over the entire service life of an application. Time-consuming and cost-intensive repairs or even a new purchase are usually unnecessary.

In addition to robotics, typical applications for our non-contact torque sensors include "heavy-duty" applications, end-of-line tests, e-bikes and many other industrial applications.

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