Robust inclinometer with easy-to-program filtering of unwanted vibration.


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The FTI2 dynamic tilt sensor for angle measurement provides precise roll and pitch angle measurement for moving/vibrating objects. Combining a classic acceleration sensor with an angular rate sensor enables accurate and fast measurement results even if the moving equipment is subject to strong accelerations.
It has an easily programmable digital filtering of unwanted vibration
through a built-in gyro or 6-DoF IMU.
Its IP68 protection rating also makes it ideal for use in harsh environments.

The measurement results of a conventional tilt sensor based on the accelerometer or electrolyte principle are influenced by the additional axial and centripetal acceleration in dynamic application situations such as vehicle movement and ship swaying motion. Thus, the effective angle measurement data cannot be identified, and the accuracy is also not guaranteed.

In contrast, the FTI2 dynamic inclinometer adopts advanced inertial navigation technology and it can accurately measure the dynamic roll and angle both horizontally or vertically and can be used reliably on mobile equipment such as construction machinery, cranes or agriculture machinery.

The accelerometer measures the tilt position while the gyroscope determines the rotation rate. Acceleration has a significant influence on the accelerometer, but only a limited influence on the measured rotation rates of the gyroscope. An innovative algorithm combines both signals to get the best value out of each sensor. In this way, the FTI2 is able to separate the actual position value from the errors caused by external accelerations.

The FTI2 provides 6-axis motion detection based on raw data acquisition for acceleration (3-axis) and rotation rate (3-axis). High-precision data processing at 400 Hz using an advanced sensor fusion algorithm enables high performance under all conditions. Integrated sensor fusion filters help with orientation calculation by suppressing externally acting accelerations.
A canBus (DS410 canOpen or J1939) or an analogue output (0-5V, 0-10, 0.5-4.5V, 4-20mA) is available as data output.

Ideal applications for the FTI2 are mobile equipment such as construction machinery, cranes or agricultural machinery.

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