ME900 – ceramic miniature pressure sensor in stainless steel housing


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The ME900 series ready-to-use pressure sensors measure relative pressure in nearly all aggressive media and deliver a ratiometric* voltage signal of 0.5 to 4.5V.

The heart of the ME900 is a monolithic ceramic measuring cell with a diameter of 9 mm, which is installed in a compact screw-in stainless steel housing. The sensors measure according to the piezoresistive principle, the measuring bridge is applied directly to the ceramic.

The built-in electronics provide the ratiometric output and provide offset and span correction at changing temperature. The pressure and temperature calibration is performed electronically with the applied ASIC.

The ME900 series sensors comply with EMC guidelines. The ASIC stores production-related data so that the traceability of the sensors is guaranteed.

Thanks to the excellent chemical properties of the ceramic, the ME900 series is resistant to almost all, including aggressive media.

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