Ultra-micro-CT-spectrometer for UV and IR applications


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OtO Photonics developed a new UV-spectrometer. Measuring just 40x36x25 mm, this is the most compact Czerny-Turner design on the market. It offers a high spectral resolution of up to 3 nm, and - at the same time - a good stray light suppression. The SB series covers the spectral range from 180 nm to 1100 nm. OtO is also expanding the NIR-portfolio with the so-called RB-series, which operates in a spectral range from 900 to 1700 nm.
The modules set the benchmark in the mini spectrometer class in terms of temperature, shock and vibration resistance for use in the food, pharmaceutical, optics and electronics industries, as well as for scientific applications.
Delivery includes the readout and evaluation software SpectraSmart. In addition, a comprehensive SDK enables an easy software integration into C++, VB, C#,, Delphi, Python and Labview.
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