Distance and motion 1D/3D Sensors


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EQ Photonics introduces Broadcom's AFBR-S50-series sensors for high speed and high accuracy distance and motion measurements. These time-of-flight modules uses highly sensitive 32 pixels detectors with various optics and laser configurations inside.
With frame rates up to 3 kHz the AFBR-S50-sensors are fast tools to be used in robotics, autonomous mobile vehicles, drones and automation instruments. They cover distances from ~0.01 to 120 m and a field-of-view from ~0.4° x 0.4° up to 12° x 6°. These time-of-flight sensors operate even under sunlight (100 kLux) conditions.
Easy system integration is given by a very compact size of approx. 12 x 8 x 8 mm, a simple 5V voltage supply and an integrated clock source. Data transfer is done via SPI.
For further information please contact Dr. Frank Kubacki (phone +49 811 998 707 27, email

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