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Limatherm Components is a well-known company specialized in the production of parts for measuring equipment made out of die-casting aluminum, stainless steel, plastic. Now we're mainly recognized as a manufacturer of high-quality temperature sensors components like connection heads, terminal blocks, compression fitting and many more. Our machines park counts many CNC's which gives us more and more possibilities to produce other details outside our standard offer range.
Our willingness to produce more sophisticated products, like personalized covers for connection heads, remarks on every execution, various paint and color type, your own designed enclosure projects, and many more for our customers is well deserved around the globe. All the projects are considered in the smallest detail by our specialized teams of technical workers and production planners.
Our company has a very friendly environment for the disabled employees and with that guarantees any amenities for 90% of the workers that have different ailments making their jobs more enjoyable and easier. Due to their gratitude and positive adjustment, we received few awards for such involvement.
We're very proud of our quick delivery service, high technical standards, and outstanding quality, confirmed by ISO 9001 certificate along with many Ex certificates for our products.
Besides production, we can also provide assembly, painting, casting services, and extra galvanic protection processes for your products.
Here at Sensor+Test you will find in details what we produce and what we can do to satisfy the customer.


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