SMD foil sensors - Take it, stick it, use it!


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How would it be if you could simply stick on a high-precision sensor like a sticker? With us, that's possible! With our SMD foil sensors, measuring various parameters is as easy as sticking on a sticker. The size is only 7.60mm x 5.60mm with an active measurement area of Ø2.5mm.
Suitable for Sensor + Test 2023 we present one of our SMD foil sensor. In the future, our SMD foil sensors can easily measure various parameters such as pH, temperature and bioparameters. The sensors are ready-to-use and can be easily glued to various contact points for precise measurement.

Our SMD foil sensors are the result of our many years of experience in developing foil-based sensors. Printed sensor technology allows us to easily mass produce them, which increases the availability and scalability of our sensors. The flexibility of our sensors also enables measurements away from rigid PCBs.

Overall, our SMD foil sensors offer a precise and flexible solution for a wide range of applications in e.g. medical technology, biotechnology and food industry. The sensor technology now allows the application of sticking sensors on like stickers for precise measurements. Our SMD foil sensors are an exciting new development in the world of sensor technology and open up new possibilities for measuring various parameters on an ultra-small area.

Our motto this year, "Stick your Sensor", perfectly describes how easy it is to use our sensors. It's time for a new kind of sensors and we are ready to introduce you to our SMD foil sensors!

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