Contactless Liquid Level Control by Using Ultrasound


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The non-invasive control of liquid levels is essential for many applications assuring proper functionality of components and systems – for example in laboratory and medical applications as well as in the pharmaceutical or F&B industry. This is especially true if a quick and easy exchange of liquid containers is required. The ability of ultrasound to propagate through solids like plastics, glass or metals and liquids as well provides an almost ideal technology to implement this task.
The usual method here is the echo sonography: A preferred implementation for the liquid level sensor attaches an ultrasound transducer to the bottom of the wall of the liquid container. A short ultrasound wave is transmitted from the transducer passing the container wall and travels through the liquid to the liquid air interface on top of the liquid where most of the wave will be reflected back to the transducer. By using a simple 2-point calibration, the filling volume or level is configured.
The wear-free and service-friendly SQ-Level sensor is specially designed for integration into laboratory equipment, machines or systems and operates fast, precise and reliable. It has a freely configurable digital switching output and a serial SPI interface.
An evaluation board with integrated LCD display is available for fast, convenient testing of the sensor.
SonoQ as manufacturer is well experienced in ultrasound applications and the development of adequate transducers. SonoQ’s engineering team is ready to enable all necessary application specific implementations.

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