TDK offers mechanically decoupled ultrasonic modules for collision avoidance


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TDK Corporation presents the ultrasonic sensor module USSM1.0 PLUS-FS, in which the sensor element is mechanically decoupled from the housing. This makes the IP65/67 protected sensor with the order number Z25000Z2910Z001Z23 immune to external mechanical vibrations that can falsify the measurement result. The module, which is supplied with a nominal voltage of 12 V, can be mounted in a front chassis via a M19 thread with a locking nut or via snap hooks.

Actuated via a driver and an integrated piezoelectric disk, the integrated signal processor ASIC can calculate the signal propagation time with a repetition rate of up to 50 samples/s. This allows measuring distances from 18 cm to 200 cm; in pitch-and-catch mode with several modules, even measuring distances of 4 cm are feasible. The field-of-view (FoV) of the USSM1.0 PLUS-FS, which the customer can optimize to suit his needs, is ±35°. Thus, individual measurement scenarios can also be programmed. The sensor module is suitable for a wide range of brightness conditions, including full sunlight, and measures very accurately regardless of the color and translucence of the target object.

The ultrasonic modules are particularly well suited for distance measurement and obstacle detection under difficult environmental conditions in autonomous mobile robots (AMR) or autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs).

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