Simply smart: The Android mobile application for measuring wheelset parameters


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Fast mobile inspection and cost-saving predictive maintenance of train wheelsets is becoming increasingly important in rail transport. The new generation of mobile gauges for fast and accurate measurement of wheel diameter, wheel profile and wheel distance includes the IKP-5 Laser Wheel Profile Gauge, the IDK Wheel Diameter Gauge and the IMR Laser Wheel Distance Gauge.

By installing the new Android program on a smartphone or tablet, it is now possible to work with the IKP-5, IDK and IMR without using a PDA or by using both a PDA and a smartphone.

Not only have all the functions of the previous PDA software been retained, but new ones have been added, namely
1. sending measurement results by e-mail
2. Wi-Fi connection to the PC instead of a cable
3. calibration of the IKP directly from the phone

To get started, all you need to do is download a file from our website, install the program on your phone and buy a licence. The licence is valid for all three types of devices (IKP, IDK and IMR). There is no limit to the number of licences for one phone (number of devices to work with one phone) and the number of phones for one licence.

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