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A line imager is quite a simple device: Just a bunch of very small photo diodes lined up in a row. However, the beauty is that the number of photo diodes is very high, they are very narrow, and have no separation between each other. This is possible by the integration of the photo diodes on one silicon chip which allows the integration of more circuitry such as amplifiers or temperature sensors.
The result is a very versatile device with many applications. Also, because of the features of our OHC15L CMOS/CCD technology, even more applications are feasible. Applications are:
- triangulation light barrier with the capability to measure distance accurately with μm resolution
- spectrometer ranging from 350 - 1100nm with a resolution down to 0.1nm - rotary encoder with arc seconds resolution
- line scanner (RGB and black and white)
- linear encoder with sub-μm resolution

Its 1024 pixel with a size of 7.5 x 120μm are about ten times more sensitive in the near infrared NIR than competitor products. It allows to run applica- tions on lower power and less ambient light issues.

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