Condition monitoring with robust and inexpensive triaxial vibration sensors for special requirements - not only in the wind-power sector!


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A new, robust and yet cost-effective triaxial accelerometer, which was designed for wind turbines and other demanding applications, was introduced by disynet GmbH end of last year. Within a very short time, it has proven itself as a very reliable sensor in harsh environments, and is becoming more and more popular in condition monitoring applications.

Although this very affordable DV3-series was developed in particular for the nacelle area of wind turbines for monitoring the condition of generators, it is now being used in a wide range of other applications. These triaxial industrial vibration sensors are available in with various selectable options, allowing its implementation in many markets and industries. Due to the high demand, they are also now always available from stock at short notice.

Equipped with a particularly robust stainless steel housing and IP 67 protection, these acceleration sensors have three AC outputs via M12 connectors, are available with a sensitivity of 10 to 100 mV/g, in ranges from 10g to 500g and from very low frequencies of 0.1 up to 9,500 Hz (±3dB).

In addition to the wind power sector, diverse areas of application can also be found in the paper-mill, metal, automotive and pharmaceutical industries, utilities, building services, process control and mining.

For example, the DV3-series is ideal for vibration measurements on fans, motors, pumps, compressors, centrifuges, stirrers, air-conditioning systems, gearboxes, rollers, drying units, presses, cooling systems, VAC, spindles or production machines.

In short, this is the ideal sensor for measuring vibration, if it's weight (approx. 235 grams) and size (approx. 27x38x38 mm H x W x D) match the requirements.

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