Mini-Shaker with int. power amplifier and sine sweep for payloads up to 900 grams


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The mini "combo" shaker is a small portable permanent magnet shaker with a built-in power amplifier. The design eliminates the need for a separate, inconvenient power amplifier. Thanks to the trunnion mount, the mini shaker can be rotated and locked in place from vertical to horizontal orientation. Weighing only 4.5 kg, it is still very portable, and suitable for payloads of up to 900 grams.
The mounting table has 5 M5 threaded holes. For flexibility in mounting, the shaker comes with an additional 280 gram light weight shaker head expander and still provides a payload of 620 grams.

The mini shaker can not only generate a 20 Hz fixed dwell but also - without an additional controller or signal generator - a self-generated sine sweep (!) from 50 Hz to 2000 Hz. Of course, a controller/signal generator can be connected for more advanced control. The mini-shaker thereby provides a stable, wide frequency range up to 15 kHz.

The mini "combo" shaker is perfect for frequent conveyance, and educational and research purposes in both lab and industrial environments.

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