High gain InGaAs/InP APDs for NIR light detection


EQ Photonics introduces Excelitas’s new high speed and low noise InGaAs/InP APD C30733-series at the SENSOR+TEST in Nuremberg. With a typical operation gain of 40, the C30733 is aiming towards applications in fiber optic sensing and measurement instruments. Its noise equivalent power of only 8 fW/SQR (Hz) allows accurate measurements as needed e.g. in OTDR or lidar applications.
The APD C30733EH-1 is available in a TO-package with flat window whereas the C30733BQC-01 comes as a single-mode-fiber-pigtailed version.
Get more information at the EQ Photonics booth 1-302 or ask Dr. Frank Kubacki (Tel. +49-811 998 707 27,

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