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4020 Linz (Österreich)
Tel: +43 664 3822458

Halle: 1
Stand: 1-452

Sound Scanning - die neue Technologie für die Schallvisualisierung

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The Sound Scanner from Seven Bel is an acoustic camera based on the innovative measurement principle of coherence scanning holography. The measurment system was specifically developed for the high demands in the automotive, mechanical engineering and energy technology sectors. Thanks to the innovative measurement method, the hardware complexity can be massively reduced and at the same time the quality of the measurement result in terms of spatial resolution and dynamic range can be increased - even at frequencies starting from 125Hz for far-field measurements.

The main advantages of the Sound Scanner are:

- First results within 3 minutes - from system setup to acoustic image.

- Easy and intuitive handling including automatically generated reports.

- Superior image quality with a high information density.

- Significantly lower acquisition costs compared to conventional acoustic cameras.
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