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Compact and Miniature Force Balance Accelerometers for Airborne Applications

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Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc. offers a variety of precision compact and miniature force balance accelerometers ideally suited for airborne applications. SA-102BHC / SA-302BHC compact and SA-102MFTB / SA-302MFTA miniature precision force balance accelerometers are designed to operate from +24 to +32 VDC aircraft power. The compact single axis and triaxial units have been qualified and are performing on small missile programs. They have also been selected by a number of aircraft instrument manufacturers as key components of their strap-down systems. The miniature accelerometers feature the high level output signal and inherent self-regulation qualities of the servo loop design, making them excellent for airborne telemetry applications.

Both the 1 and 3 axis configurations of these accelerometers incorporate the Columbia HP torque system which provides exceptional performance and reliability in the severe vibration and shock environments associated with aircraft and missile flights. The single axis models weigh as little as 2 to 6 oz. and the triaxial models range in weight from 14 to 22 oz.

Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc. is ISO9001:2000 with Design & AS9100 Revision B certified.

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