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Stand: 1-213

Offizielle Eröffnung der Aufnehmer-Sparte

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The Saarbrücken-based company, founded in 2017 and a specialist in customised sensor elements based on thin-film technology, has used the time of the corona pandemic to launch an initial selection of its own force transducers on the market. While previous force / tension / pressure transducer developments could not be presented to the general public as an application example due to bilateral development projects. Now the added value of thin-film strain gauges is shown to customers directly with our own transducer series. A first focus here is the higher overload capacity, which in the case of load cells, for example, can be used for higher preloads.
“The official opening of the transducer division is a logical step after the foundation in 2017 and the high-sensitivity strain gauges as the first product. After the horizontal expansion of the portfolio, which, for example, has produced customer-specific strain gauges with conventional sensitivity, temperature sensors or balancing resistors, the vertical development is now being pushed forward and the variety of products is being gradually increased, "explains Mario Cerino, Head of Sales at CeLaGo Sensors, and continues:" Regardless of this, we always remain the competent and confidential partner for customised developments and suppliers of sensor elements. A feared exclusivity, an only internal use of our strain gauges, was and is not the business model of CeLaGo Sensors GmbH. "

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