Special Topic "Sensor and Measuring Technology for New Energies"

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In view of the recent developments, the special topic for 2023 could not be more suitable: "Sensor and Measuring Technology for New Energies". With their growing importance for the secure supply of people and the economy, their reliability and availability are becoming indispensable requirements of our lives.

Whether offshore wind farms or solar power plants in the desert  - more and more smaller plants are spread over an ever larger area. High reliability, largely autonomous operation and increased cost pressure pose intensive challenges for the monitoring of plants and operating states. The importance of intelligent measurement and monitoring technologies for the overall concept of power generation will therefore become increasingly significant in the future. For the multitude of new suppliers and innovations from this highly interesting field, a large common area and a free series of lectures are already firmly scheduled.

  • At the special forum you will get a targeted and concentrated survey about new products and solutions.

  • A dedicated session on "Sensor and Measuring Technology for New Energies" at the forum will complete the offer on 9 May 2023.