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Scanning Mirror Micro Spectrometer (SMMS)

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Compact and ultra-compact systems for nearinfrared (NIR) spectral analysis enabling the integration into portable devices or even mobile phones may contribute significantly to the development of future systems for sensing and testing applications. Besides size, more and more technological aspects become relevant for high volume fabrication. Competitive production needs reduced complexity of the core components, simple electronics and low requirements for the assembly and integration process.

The scanning mirror micro spectrometer is based on a simple 1D-scanner mirror. A fixed grating is illuminated and diffracts the light. A small wavelength interval is reflected back onto the scanner mirror plate. After passing the refocusing mirror and the exit slit the intensity is captured by either a single detector or an arrangement of multiple detectors. In comparison to the well-known scanning grating technology, the main advantage is the double spectral range which is captured for a defined MEMS defl ection range. Either half the deflection enables the same spectral range or double the range can be addressed with the same deflection. Furthermore the grating can be selected and adjusted for modular spectral range, resolution or blaze.
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