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Efficient Data Analysis and Graphing with OriginPro 2022

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The software OriginPro is the data analysis and graphing software of choice for half a million scientists and engineers worldwide from a diversity of fields in research, industry, and academic institutions.
OriginPro was developed to handle the daily amounts of data and their evaluation efficiently. In support of this, data can be imported from nearly any source and, on demand, be processed automatically. Analysis results can be output quickly and easily in over 100 customizable graphs in publication quality – either in 2D or 3D.

For beginners, the software provides an intuitive user interface, including worksheets as well as analysis and graph templates with easy point-and-click customization. Advanced users can employ Python or C in OriginPro and automate their evaluation tasks. User-defined analysis and graphing tools, templates and batch processing are also available. The newly created graphs and reports are easily output in Word, PDF or HTML files.

The new version OriginPro 2022 introduces, among other features, new apps, graph types and auto-complete for functions and names. Furthermore, the software features the so-called Template Center for graphs and books, which users can use to adapt OriginPro to their specific tasks and to extend it by new graphing options. For the first time, Origin Cloud Connect makes is possible to load and save data and results in and from OneDrive and Google Drive.

Summary of the new features:

- Object Manager: Mini Toolbars and Graph Objects
- Add Notes to Worksheet Cells
- Named Ranges and Auto-Complete for Formula Input
- Insert Images as Linked File in Graph
- Assign XY Scale to Image used as Graph Background
- Customizable Grids for Graph and Layout Pages
- Download Templates from OriginLab Website
- Simplified Graph Export and Copy Graph as Image
- Connect with OneDrive and Google Drive
- New Graph Types
- New Apps
- and many more
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