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Micron 3D color - 3D-Scans in höchster Farbqualität

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The Micron 3D color is a 3D scanner for the exact digitization of colorful objects, which delivers reproducible results not only in the laboratory, but also outdoors and under different environmental conditions. The outstanding feature of the Micron 3D color is the highly accurate color detection of the measurement objects.

The Micron3D color is available as a 10 MPix and 24 MPix version and essentially differs in terms of accuracy and point density of a maximum of 15 ?m or 1000 points/mm2 with a 24-bit color depth.

This enables even the smallest detailed documentation such as micro-scratches and tool marks, which used to be very problematic for 3D scanning. The scanner also enables the digitization of glossy and dark surfaces. Illumination for shadow-free scans allows capturing the real color of the object.

These properties also make the Micron3D color the most effective tool in the multimedia sector. The areas of application range from animations and computer games to colorful 3D prints.

The user-friendliness of the SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software allows operation without advanced technical knowledge. Calibration by the user is not required. Once assembled, the scanner is ready for use.

The software enables extended and automated post-processing of data, e.g. B. an extended point cloud or a triangulation mesh. The system is designed for large amounts of data with over 300 million points, allowing the user to choose different levels of detail.
In addition to the scanner, the standard set includes a stable tripod, a powerful laptop and a laser pointer for precise positioning.
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